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Spa jacuzzi

Enjoy the two whirlpool pumps, two for the air massage. You get moments of real pleasure. Put a good music on your iPod and simply dive.

Finland Sauna

In order to manage the sauna is heat to the body to produce perspiration, with and / or hygienic therapeutic purposes. In the Finnish sauna dry heat of around 80-100 degrees is used, while the relative humidity below 15%, which favors an abundant perspiration from the body as cooling mechanism.
The heat of the Finnish sauna is obtained by heating sandstones with no electrical resistance, which make red-hot stones come and give off the dry heat.

Turkish Bath

As the Finnish sauna or hammam Turkish bath uses the heat to produce benefits in the body, but in this case the heat is supplied by moist heat, steam.
The temperature is lower than the dry sauna, ranging from 25-50 degrees depending on the height, and relative humidity 99%, whereby the atmosphere is saturated with water vapor and prevents sweating process, for both the bath unless Turkish sweat in the Finnish sauna.
In this type of sauna heat is generated to heat water and evaporate throughout the room, creating a fog, at rest on the body surface will form droplets resembling sweat, causing the function to disperse the heat and cool the body.

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